How To Pick a Band & DJ

You have your date, you have your venue, your caterer, now what? The most important aspect is creating the right atmosphere for your guests, which means among other things selecting professional entertainment. Without it, you event will not live up to its potential, or in a worst case scenario it can completely tank and be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The first step is to identify your objective. Most likely you and your … [Read more...]

romantic proposal

We just got a booking for a wonderful couple's wedding. This will be a great wedding celebration next summer, thought I repost their proposal story: Well I’ve written before about this fisherman that I’m in love with, and let’s just say that we have some exciting news to share!  We are engaged!!!  It happened last Thursday on a beautiful night out on the prairie.  It was the first night I was done sitting in a combine for hours and hours, the … [Read more...]

wedding traditions

Over the last several years we’ve seen an increasing number of wedding couples expanding into elements of their heritage and traditions from around the world in a bid to personalize their big day. Celebrities have always handled their weddings in a unique way and lets face it, however shy you might be, to your friends and relatives, you are pair of celebrities that day! Last week we played music for a beautiful khmer/american wedding. During … [Read more...]

Wedding Music Do’s and Dont’s – Part 3

Rocking Out to R-rated Songs Yes, these are more liberal times, but be careful not to confuse being hip with relating the wrong message at your wedding. This is your day, but there's a line with music you should avoid crossing. Cee Lo’s ‘Forget You’ is fair, but his other version is pushing it. Beyond profanity, please consider the song's lyrics and meaning. Your band has to present and sing those lyrics. There may be a very innocent inside … [Read more...]

Wedding Music Do’s and Dont’s – Part 2

Playlist Sit down with your FI and go through your music to create short must-play and do-not-play lists. You are each allowed veto power, of course. Give your DJ or your bandleader a quick phone call to review your list. Band leaders know which songs work really well in their repertoire. Go ahead, ask them for their input of what they think might not work so well and why. If your must-play list gets too long (say, more than 10 songs), create … [Read more...]

Wedding Music Do’s and Dont’s – Part 1

Ceremony Because of the focus on walking down the aisle, it's easy to forget that time before you make your appearance. There will likely be 15 or more minutes when your guests will be waiting for the ceremony to start. Don't try their patience with absolute silence. Be sure to have ceremony music for at least 30 minutes before you begin your processional. This prelude music should be somewhat compatible with the songs chosen for your ceremony, … [Read more...]