About Tracy

One of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful entertainers, charismatic Tracy  is always ready for any crowd. His singing versatility and entertaining talent reaches all groups and ages.

His rich voice makes Tracy the perfect Master of Ceremonies.
With hilarious impersonations, great improvisational skills, and his contagious enthusiasm, he keeps the crowd on the dance floor all night long. No wonder, everybody wants him to entertain at their event, because, when Tracy Stone is around, the party never stops!

Tracy’s Equipment

  • Korg Kross Keyboard
  • Roland RC20XL Loopstation
  • Yamaha DJX1 and DJX2 Keyboards
  • QSC K10 Monitors
  • Shure Wireless and Audix Microphones
  • Sennheiser Lavalier Microphone
  • USS Keyboardstand
  • 15″ Macbook Pro with iTunes and Digital Performer
  • Soundcraft Mixer
  • Voicebox transformer with settings for Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Barry White, Rick James, Michael Jackson, James Earl Jones, Stevie Wonder, Barry Gibb (vibrato settings F(allon) & T(Timberlake)
  • Shoe Goo, Apple Cider Vinegar and assortments of French Cologne