About Manny Keller

A founding member of DESIGNBAND, Manny Keller has made a living playing drums and leading bands for 30+ years. He travelled and toured all over the United States, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, England, most of South East Asia and Japan. His dynamic beats and arrangements can also be heard on many CD’s and backing tracks used for demo’s and on stage by other bands in the Pacific Northwest. Being a gifted producer and pragmatic organizer, all aspects before and during every event are checked many times over. The results are thousands of very successful engagements under his belt !

Manny’s Equipment

  • Gretsch, Spaun, Yamaha, C&C, Slingerland and GMS Drums
  • Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Brushes and Mallets
  • Korg KARMA Synth, Korg Wavedrum, Roland Fantom X Synth
  • Yamaha MU100R Sound Module with VL and VH, DrumKat Midi Percussion Controller, Yamaha DTX Multi 12, Alesis D4
  • Macbook Pro 15″ with Ableton Live, Battery and NI Traktor DJ
  • Macbook Pro 15″ with Motu Digital Performer 9, MTP AV, 828 Mk3 and Ultralite Firewire Interfaces
  • Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Motu Ethno Instrument, Native Instruments Komplete, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX and Omnisphere 2 for preproduction work
  • Neumann, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser, Shure and EV Microphones
  • Yamaha, RCF and QSC Digital Mixing Boards
  • RCF active Speaker Systems
  • Grabner Outside Whitewater Raft, Tetrafin Koi and Goldfish Flakes