About Karin

Karin studied bass, vocals and arrangement at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

Besides being Designband’s female front singer, she is also a great all around musician, playing guitar, flute, keyboards and holding down the important bottom end on bass
With her outgoing personality, Karin gets everyone in the audience involved. Here she is sneaking up on mater musicians Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey trying to pick up a couple of new bass licks.

… and getting a lesson from studio legend Carol Kaye, the hardest working ‘chick bass player’ and the most recorded bassist. You might have not heard of Carole but you most certainly heard her play, just google her . . .

Karin’s Equipment

  • Ken Smith Bass
  • Rick Turner Renaissance Bass
  • Juzek Upright 18th Century Bass
  • Markbass Amplifiers
  • Parker Fly Guitar
  • Ovation Guitar
  • Muramatsu Flute
  • Shakuhachi Flute
  • Crown Wireless Headset Microphone
  • Beyer Microphones
  • Korg MS2000 Synth
  • TC Electronics VoiceWorks+
  • Boss RC-50 Loopstation
  • Crown Poweramps
  • Electro Voice SH1503 Sidefill Monitors
  • 12 x Intimidator Intelligent Lights
  • 16 x RGBA PAR 64 LED’s
  • Edirol Video Mixer and Canon HD Cameras for stage
  • Macbook Pro, iPad Pro
  • ProPlan Dogfood and Deluxe Extended Length Dogscooper